Non Fiction

The Table Talk of W. H. Auden

It is written by Alan Ansen and it contains the unpublished conversations that cover a variety of topics. This shows the personal and the opinions of Alan Ansesn, who is arguably one of the greatest poets of our time.

My Louise 

It is a Memoir of David Collins. It is a book that talks about love, loss, rage, grief, survival and passion. It presents the painful detailed story of the death of his young wife and his reaction and the reaction of his little girl to such appalling tragedy.

Doris Lessing: Conversations

It contains the various conversations between Doris Lessing and many interviewers. The list of interviewers includes Studs Terkel and Joyce Carol Oates. These interviews talked about a variety of subjects such as feminism and Marxism.

Margaret Atwood: Conversations

It is a book that has Earl G. Ingersoll as its editor. This book contains 22 interviews between Margaret Atwood and various writers. These writers include Joyce Carol Oates, Geoff Hancock, and Graeme Gibson.

Joyce Carol Oates: Conversations, between 1970 and 2006

Greg Johnson was the editor of that book.

Women, Animals, and Vegetables

This book contains stories and essays that are written by Maxin Kumin. These essays mainly concentrated on nature and dramatized the different intricacies of family relationships while celebrating the strength of women. All of this is incorporated in a very practical yes a sensual format.

First Person Singular

This book contains 29 essays & conversations with fiction and pottery writers. This includes John Updike, Margaret Atwood, Reynolds Price and Mark Strand among others.

New Plays

This is the 4th and the best collection by Joyce Carol Oates. It includes 3 full plays. These plays are The Passion of Henry David Thoreau, Black Water and Bad Girls.

– Bad Girls: It tells a story of 3 teen sisters who are trying to destroy a man’s life who is trying to come between their mother and them.

-Black Water: It is basically a great dramatization of Joyce Carol Oates’ novel that has the same title.

– The Passion of Henry David Thoreau portrays the premature death and turbulent life of one of American Literature’s most romantic heroes.

It also includes eight shorter plays that were performed in different cities around the country.

Where the River Bends

It is a Barry Raine memoir. In 1981, the writer has seen the rape of Catherine, a friend of his. She was raped at one of the parks of New Orleans. In this detailed memoir, he discusses and explorers the aftershocks and the traumatizing effects of this event on the people involved. It is a haunting and an emotional memoir.

Talking Murder: Interviews with Twenty Mystery Writers

This book contains a great collection of 20 revealing and exciting interviews with mystery British & American writers that are written by Charles L.P. Silet. The list of writers includes ED McBain, Joyce Carol Oates, Walter Mosley and Edna Buchanan among others.