Upcoming Games

We’ve recently added this section discussing another section of publications of gaming guides.  The games industry has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar engine which produces games for mobile phones, consoles, pc’s and more.  A subset of this sector is the budding global industry of online casino games.

Recently, companies such as Zynga, an online game developer, have started to train their efforts on producing casino games to cater to the UK, Canada and soon the United States.  While some matters of legality still exist in the US, the efforts of these companies have produced several award wining games.  Many of these upcoming games can now be played for free or for credits which can be used to make online purchase.

Online gaming had its start in the late nineties when online meant connecting to your 33 or 56k modem and then connecting to a dedicated host server which was running your multiplayer game.  Online casinos were there long before that and were offered over services such as Prodigy and AOL.

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