Town Smokes

This story presents the acclaimed debut of Pinckney Benedict as a writer of short stories.

The Left-Handed Marriage

This is a collection of short stories. Leigh Buchanan Bienen succeeds in going into the lives of the stories’ characters real quick and effective which gives readers the same satisfaction that they would get by reading novels. Although they are short stories, they are so engaging.

One of the best stories is called “Technician”. This story portraits a twenty-three years old loafer named Tommy Angelino. His unremarkable life and the fact that he has no ambitions make him the perfect pick for a repugnant job. This is why he was hired to work as an executioner. He is one of the 3 people who administer the lethal dose of drug in death chambers. It is chilling to read about the journey of Tommy as a slacker as he ends up being an eager killer.

All of the stories in this book are accomplished and wise. Although that is great, the most distinguishing trait of the stories is their variety.

The Identity Club

It is a book that contains a selection of Richard Burgin stories. It gives readers a very compelling vision, a much needed one of contemporary USA. They stories are basically city stories and Richard Burgin succeeds in getting everything in there. This includes pickups at basketball games, prostitution, homelessness and loneliness.

He is very eloquent in poking emotional places and he is one of the brilliant storytellers in modern history.

Eva’s Story

It is a novel that is written by acclaimed writer, Linda D. Cirino. This novel is an original and a fast moving one that takes place during the Holocaust and Nazi Germany.

Going Through the Change

It is a collection of brilliant short stories that are written by Janice Daugharty. These stories focus on the turbulent lives of people who live in South Georgia. All of the stories are swift, sensuous and filled with surprising twists.

Evening Would Find Me

This tale its mesmerizing story that is portrayed by outstanding images and filled with unforgettable, troubled and tender characters. Katie Estill tells the passionate love story between a Grecian painter in modern day Athena and an American young woman.

This Is a Voice from Your Past

This book offers a new and a selected collection of stories that are brought to readers courtesy of Merrill Joan Gerber. These stories tend to focus on the elusiveness and the power of inner life without having to sacrifice a shrewd and a full observation of the outer one. The touch of the writer is very light. It conveys pain, the difficulties of life, remorse as it really is in real life, and it takes the edge off by honesty, humor and humanity.

You Don’t Know What Love Is

This book contains 24 love stories from contemporary America. It includes love stories of different kinds. This includes stories by Charles Baxter, Bobbie Ann Mason, John Upd and David Leavitt among others.

We Never Speak of It

This selection of poems of Jana Harris is unique as she has a true grit voice. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is harsh but it always touches the heart.

A Garden of Demons

Edward Hower wrote this novel. As all of his work, he wrote it in an assured and a fine prose. He succeeds in creating characters that have lives that exemplify history’s pressure in a world where old and new certainties compete without mercy. It shows the amazing sympathetic gift that Edward Hower has for understanding different cultures.



The Storms of May

Yet another Edward Hower novel that is arguably his most deeply felt and eloquent novel. The novel focuses on the hard lives of street kids, abandoned children and gang members. It tells the story of a couple who try their best to save these children.

Waltzing Again

This book contains some of the selected conversations with the writer, Margret Atwood. It has an introduction by the writers who edited it, Earl G. Ingersoll.


It is a novel that is written by acclaimed writer, Sheila Kohler. This novel is beautifully and compellingly nuanced.  The novel tells the story of a sister that returns to her home to ponder and grieve. Apart from that, she is also investigating the tragic death of her only sister. Crossways may be Sheila Kohler’s best novel so far.

Stories from Another World

Another amazing novel by the amazing writer, Sheila Kohler. Kohler invades the psychological and the fictional territory that she has marked as her territory.

Beyond Telling

Beyond Telling consists of 12 stories that take place mostly in Texas and Louisiana that are written by Jewel Mogan. It is a really mature and profound debut collection of stories. They are original, bracing and truly American.

Expensive People

Joyce Carol Oates cuts straight to the bone in this chilling and effective novel.
A Joyce Carol Oates written novel. This book will is so engaging that readers will find a hard time to leave it as soon as they open it. It is electrifying, fascinating and hypotonic.


This Joyce Carol Oates novel succeeds into creating a beam into the dark areas of one’s soul. It is offers readers an entrancing and a spellbinding reading experience.


The author of this novel is Joyce Carol Oates, it is the 5th novel of the author. This novel was published for the first time in 1971. This novel tells the story of a neurosurgeon named Jesse Vogel who was an orphan as a small boy when his dad killed his whole family before committing suicide. His life experiences another tragic event when his daughter, Shelley, is lost in the counterculture of the 60s.

By the Light of the Jukebox

This book contains a great erotically charged and wonderfully imaginative selection of stories that are written by none other than Dean Paschal. In these stories, the author explored different worlds. These worlds include the world of an emergency room in “Genesis”.

It is an outstanding fiction debut that is demonic and tender as well as being chilling and heartrending at the same time.

On the Edge

On the Edge is a C.E Poverman novel that shows the intimate portrayal of a male who is having trouble dealing with his past, the pressure implemented on him due to his job, his relationship with his wife and more. This novel gives the readers an insight into the criminal justice system.


This book contains the 2nd collection of Poverman’s stories and it is an absolute dazzler. These stories cover a wide array of topics including sexual abuse, Vietnam nightmares and psychosis.

Selene of the Spirits

This novel is written by none other than Melissa Pritchard. It takes place in a romantic world of London during the Victorian age. It is an amazing story of a young woman who has psychic powers and as a result, she becomes quite a famous lady in the spiritual community.

Looking for War

Looking for War is a collection of stories that Douglas has written. These stories are smart, beautifully written and brave. It is a book that readers can read and reread more than once.

No One Said a Word

This book was originally written by Paula Varsavsky and Anna McLean translated it. The novel is filled with irony and toughness that incase a core of loss and tenderness. It is quite amazing.

Dirt Angel

It is a bold and a well crafted selection of stories of Jeanne Wilmot. This selection is intelligent, sexy, fragile and edgy. These stories will unsettle and haunt the readers for good. This is the first book of the author and she was able to nail the attention of reader from the 1st page of the book to its last just like the fast walking and talking protagonists of her stories.